Jack Ma Good Enough to Pass IELTS


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  1. Now that you have watched and listened to the video did you notice the mistakes?
    Here are just a few of the mistakes in the first 1:50 minutes of his inspiring speech.

    Jack Ma said, “just a piece of ________ a farmland.”
    Correct: “Shanghai was just/only a piece of farmland.”

    Jack Ma said, “China made city like this.”
    Correct: “China has made cities like this.”

    Jack Ma said, “Growth so tremendously.”
    Correct: “It has grown so tremendously.”

    Jack Ma said, “When we came here I ask a lot of Americans.”
    Correct: “When we came here I asked a lot of Americans.”

    Jack Ma said, “We from nobody today become the 2nd largest economy.”
    Correct: “From nothing/nobody we have become the 2nd largest economy today.”

    Jack Ma said, “1972 when Mao and Nixon sign an agreement.”
    Correct: “In 1972 when Mao and Nixon signed an agreement.”

    Jack Ma said, “I was born in Hangzhou where Nixon visit in 1972.”
    Correct: “I was born in Hangzhou where Nixon visited in 1972.”

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