Days Gone Bye

Season 1, Episode 1

On a deserted road, Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes pulls his police cruiser past overturned cars to a gas station. Vehicles filled with dead bodies litter the grounds; a sign hanging nearby declares “No Gas.”

As Rick searches, he glimpses a little girl and calls to her. Her lips and right cheek have been torn away, blood dripping. She starts toward Rick, growling. As she approaches, Rick draws his gun and shoots her in the head.

Earlier, Rick and his partner Shane eat hamburgers in their car and joke about the differences between men and women. When the conversation turns to Rick’s wife Lori, Rick turns somber. He explains that Lori recently accused him of not caring about his family in front of their son, Carl. “The difference between men and women?” Rick says, “I would never say something that cruel to her.”

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